How to take filter and selected timeframe from Visualize to Logs view?

Hi all,

I have identified an anomaly (strange user behavior) in my logs with Visualize in Kibana.

How can I now switch to log view to see the same matching log entries and details?

Take the filter and selected timeframe over to logs - potentially with a simple click?


Hi @bluepuma77,

What version of the Stack are your running? On 7.10, you can find the option "Explore underlying data" when looking at a visualization inside a Dashboard.

That option takes you to Discover with the same filters applied.


yes. All you need to do is pin the filter and the results in discover will also be filtered on that filter.


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Right - now you have two ways of solving this. Thanks @afharo :smiley:


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Thanks, so I need to upgrade my v7.9.3

Here I am again, looking for a way to view logs from visualize.

I would love to just click on one of the yellow-ish bars and show the matching logs.

Is that possible? Can and/or should I create a feature request?

Hi @bluepuma77,

I think our previous answers still apply here:

  1. You can follow @bhavyarm's reply: setting the filter, pinning it and moving to discover.
  2. Or you can use the "Explore underlying data" option (only available in dashboards at the moment).

AFAIK, there are works to bring that second option to visualizations as well.

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