How to take indexes backup node wise in cluster

We need to take indexes backup node wise or there would be cluster . how to take the backup please help me .

You probably want to read

Hi Dadoonet,
i read the document in that only know the take all indices of cluster and specific indices of all nodes .
but i need how to take indices backup node wise.if any node fails take the backup.
how to do that node wise>

but i need how to take indices backup node wise.


May be a rsync on the data dir?
But I'd prefer using the right tool which is "snapshot and restore" feature.

My 2 cents.

my requirement is take snapshot on nodewise in the cluster ? that's the reason any possibility is there to do that snapshot .

This doesn't work, sorry, it'll lead to corruption or silent data loss on restore. Snapshot and restore is the only tool for this job. If a node fails, you can just start up an empty node in its place and Elasticsearch will restore everything automatically -- there's no need to take node-level backups.

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Thanks @DavidTurner. I was almost sure I should not have answered that :upside_down_face:

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May be a rsync on the data dir?

how to do rsync on the data dir , please help me

Are you sure that you don't want to follow the advices from the experts and from the people who actually wrote Elasticsearch?

As David pointed out, rsyncing or performing file level backups is not supported and you will encounter issues trying to restore it.

I would recommend discussing the requirement as it is not possible with Elasticsearch. Instead use snapshots.

okay .. Thank you

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