How to take the backup of 3months data of elasticsearch?

In elasticsearch, it is runned three months and the size of elk is 40gb then I want to backup the elasticsearch datas. so what to do the backup of elasticsearch for 3months without using snapshot and restore.

The snapshot and restore API is the only supported way to back up Elasticsearch.

I am afraid I do not understand what you mean. Could you please elaborate?

Sorry, Once I backup the elasticsearch indices then how to run the another elasticsearch server.

Do you want to restore the snapshot into a different cluster?

Yeah, correct. then how to check the restore backup file

How will you create the backup file?

The only supported way to backup elasticsearch data is using the Snapshot and Restore API.

I copied the indices which inside the data directory in the elasticsearch

That is not a supported backup mechanism and will not work. You need to use the snapshot API.

thank for your response,

But I used to snapshot and restore in Kibana then how to use this backup and restore to another elasticsearch server.

If you create a snapshot in cluster A, you can then register that snapshot repo as read-only in cluster B and restore from it, assuming cluster B run the same or newer version of Elasticsearch.

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