How to tell if "tags" array is empty in LS 6


The code here (How can I check if the "tags" array is empty?) used to work for checking if tags was empty or not.

if [tags] == [] {
  mutate {
    remove_field => ["tags"]

Unfortunately, it no longer seems to work because I get the following error:

main, :exception=>"Java::JavaLang::IllegalArgumentException", :message=>"Failed to parse right-hand side of conditional [str]pipeline:1723:6:```\n[tags] == []\n```

If I remove the conditional, the error no longer occurs.

Is there a new LS6 compatible way to check if tags is empty?

Many thanks,

Have you tried if not [tags]?

Thanks Magnus,

Is that test looking to see if the tags field exists, rather than if it's empty? I put that code in specifically to remove the tags field if it contains no elements. In my configuration pipeline, it's possible that I've added values to [tags] and then removed them again by the end of processing.

I guess it's no biggy if tags in hanging around with nothing in it, but it would be nice if the configuration language supported this feature (again).


Hey Magnus. Does this check for empty tags field? We only want to remove tags field if it is empty. Thanks.

Does this check for empty tags field?

I believe so, yes.

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