How to to jump from a histogram on dashboard to it's query

Hi all,

currently we are using kibana 3. We have a dashboard with many histograms to monitor our system. If we find an anomaly we would like to jump to into that query to do deeper analysis. Is that possible in kibana 3 or in a newer version of it?

Workflow I imagine:

  • clicking on the query in the legend of the histogram
  • a new window opens where the clicked query is applied as search query. The query's results are listed in a table below.

Thanks a lot,

I don't know about Kibana 3 (someone else on the forums might) but this is certainly possible in Kibana 4.

Kibana 4 has something called a spy panel for each visualization. It lets you view the request that Kibana made to Elasticsearch, and the corresponding response, which is used to generate the visualization. It also shows the response data as a table. Some sample screenshots below:

Spy panel in Kibana 4 showing request made to Elasticsearch

Response from Elasticsarch

Response data as a table