How to track down slow queries?

Hi there,

I'm using ElasticCloud to host ES.

I'm seeing 'some' slow requests coming from my Azure Web App talking to my ES cluster.


  • Azure web app: Azure East (Sydney)
  • ES cluster: AWS Sydney, 1 node, 1 primary shard, 0 replicas (yes.. i know not ideal, but this is just a dev/test cluster)

So we're talking 15ms of latency between Azure and AWS.

99% of requests are < 50ms.. but all of a sudden i get a bit of a spike that lasts a couple of minutes.

Here's an example from ApplicationInsights in Azure:

So that's saying it took 914ms to do the network call.

However, in Kibana.. i can't see this request at all.

I'm looking at the 'Search Latency' under 'Overview'.. and would expect to find a spike there.. but it never goes above 0.36ms.

Given the network latency is < 50ms.. something is happening.. either a network blip, or something on the ES side.

Maybe it's not the query that's slow.. but something before/after that? (for example: maybe connecting to all the nodes, getting results etc)?.

Any tips on tracking down these slow requests? Is there another place i can look in Kibana? (note: i can't use slowlog.. as that's not supported by ElasticCloud)


Are you making the requests from Azure web app with NEST?

If so, would be worth enabling network tracing, to see where time is being spent:

This should some insight into whether there's something related to the network, or not.

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