How to transfer one elasticsearch data to another elasticsearch by using filebeat as a middleware?

I am having two elasticsearch with different versions, one is development and another one is production, so now i need to transfer the live data of production to development elasticsearch, so is anyway to achieve this by using filebeat as a middleware?

Use the _reindex API and just pull from one cluster to another.
Or use snapshot.

Filebeat is not the best tool for this.

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is it will work like a live update? whenever the prod elasticsearch getting updated i need to update the dev elasticsearch without doing anything like cron jobs. is it possible? also filbeat is not possible to transfer the data of elastic to another elastic?

That is exactly what cross-cluster replication was designed for (commercial feature). Filebeat is not able to do this as it can not read from Elasticsearch. The traditional way of doing this (before or without CCR) is to simply write into all clusters in parallel, e.g. using Logstash. might be useful ?

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