How to transfer query string to next dashboard?

We create three dashboard to show something:

  • Overview - show overview for our system, include many machines;
  • OneMachine - show the detail for only one machine;
  • OneAdapter - show the detail for only one adapter, etc;

In the Overview dashboard, we put a "Top N", click a item in it will open the OneMachine dashboard with the query string. The machine's key get from the {{value}} in the "Item URL".

In the OneMachine dashboard, we put another "Top N" to list the adapters in this machine.
For show the correct OneAdapter dashboard need the key of the machine and the key of the adapter. I only can the key of the adapter from the Top N.

Can I transfer the query string in the OneMachine's to the OneAdapter, when click a item in the Top N?
Or is there other way can do this? Show information by dashboard like a tree.

Thank you for any help

Hi Romain,

first I officially declare you on :fire: today, you're giving my :keyboard: a hard time ! :smiley:

And again an unfortunate answer: Kibana currently has not too much support to "link" dashboards together as you wish, and it's definitely an area we are looking into how to improve that.

But this could currently be done via a workaround, that looks as follows:

Create a scripted field (or for better performance, do it before indexing the documents, not as a scripted field!) that has the value of machine and adapter in it's field concatenated:

doc['machine'].value + '_' + doc['adapter'].value

In your Overview dashboard you now create a link using the regular key to filter for a specific 'machine' in the OneMachine dashboard. But in this dashboard, instead of grouping the Top N aggregation by adapter you will group it by the custom field above. It won't change the actual result. You will still only get one row per adapter in this machine (if you are annoyed by the long labels, you could maybe use a field formatter to get rid of them again).

But now you can use the key in the Top N aggregation to filter on this concatenated field and thus filter for machine AND adapter.

I know that this workaround isn't maybe the ideal solution, but I really hope that especially the navigation between boards and drilling into the data will improve in upcoming versions, so that you can achieve this more easily.


PS: Here is a relevant issue for custom down-drilling: #12560

:blush: There are too many questions, today.
We are trying to move our analyzer system in Elastic Cloud.

Your products is great, we hope to use it fully. But, we just start to study this system 4 weeks ago. There are too many things is not clear for us. But I believe we will move fast under your strong support.
So, thanks for your a lot help :grin:

The script field maybe the only way in current version, we will try it.

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