How to transform float value to exponential value in Kibana 6.2.4?

(Tim) #1

For example:

  • From: 0.000008316878
  • To: 8.316878e-6

Tried with "numeraljs - format - exponential" but it is not working in Kibana 6.2.4.


(CJ Cenizal) #2

Hi Tim, sorry about that. Kibana uses a fork of numeraljs which doesn't include the exponential format. For a list of supported formats, you can check out the tests in our fork:


(Tim) #3

Noted and thanks CJ! I will look for work around as for now.
Btw, will it be supported in the future release?


(CJ Cenizal) #4

Yes we definitely want to support this format in the future, but updating our fork (or finding an alternative) will be a tough task and we have a lot of work on our backlog, so I can't say with confidence when we'll be able to add this.


(Tim) #5

Thanks CJ!

(system) #6

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