How to "translate" the "where" clause from sql query to elasticsearch filter

Hello! I'm implementing the filter for the internet shop using elastic
search. I have an EAV model in my RDBMS.

I have a WHERE clause in my SQL query, which have to be translated into the
elasticsearch bool filter.It works just fine in my rdbms.

here's it is:

WHERE (option = "weight" AND value = "50kg")OR (option = "weight" AND value = "500kg")AND (option = "magic" AND value = "no")

I have written the AND filters for inner ANDs of query, but now I need to
put them to the bool filter.

Tried to: (using elastica php library)

$boolFilter = new \Elastica\Filter\Bool();$boolFilter->addShould($innerFilterAnd1);$boolFilter->addShould($innerFilterAnd2);$boolFilter->addMust($innerFilterAnd3);

returns nothing.

Please, help!

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