How to tune JVM heap size in ELS 2.x?

I noticed that the '-X prop' in 1.7 has been obsoleted in the latest 2.1.0. Then how should I set heap size like that in the guide "-XmxNG -XmsNG"?

Using the sysconfig file is the recommended way.

Thank you Mark. As far as I've researched the only way to set the value is to set env variable ES_HEAP_SIZE.
Is there any alternative in any option of the yml config file?

The yml config file is read by the Java process after it has started, so I
am guessing there is no alternative there. :slight_smile:


Did you install via a package, if so what OS?

It's from the tar.gz on, not from yum.
The OS is RHEL 6.4

Probably better to use the yum repos then, but you can set it using that environment variable you mentioned.