How to update a record in ES if storing of field data in _id will be removed in future?

I use python Elasticsearch client for sending new documents to Elasticsearch and updating already existing records as well.
My client request looks like this:
es.index(index='index_name',ignore=400,id=dict['LogicalID'], body=json_string)

How creation/updation works:
If the id does not exist in ES then it is stored as a new record.
If the id already exists in ES then the existing document is replaced with the new doc.(Updated)

From deprecation logs:
Loading the fielddata on the _id field is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.

Right now it knows whether it's a new record or existing one based on the value of id field that I set using field_data.

My question is how will I be able to update a record in the future if I can no longer pass the value of _id field?

I am hoping that you guys might know how to deal this issue or have a workaround.

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