How to update ES node transport address

I have two Red Hat installed ES 7.9.1 nodes (build type: tar) in my environment, joined to same cluster.
Suppose one of the Red Hat nodes should only have private IP, somehow there is another private IP within the same network interface, and it should be removed.
I checked the connection with lsof, and found out that is being used by Elastic Search, I called the api to check _cluster/state, found out the node transport address is using, I want to change it back to and remove the IP on OS level. How do I update the transport address? Or I can just remove the IP on OS level and Elastic Search will automatically use to resume the connection in cluster?
In the elasticsearch.yml,, http.port:9200, transport.tcp.port:9700

Thank you

This version is very old and long-past EOL. We recommend you upgrade to a supported version ASAP.

See these docs, but TLDR if you want a specific address then don't use

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