How to update max_snapshot_bytes_per_sec setting for an existing repository?


Is there a way to update the max_snapshot_bytes_per_sec setting on a repository without deleting and recreating it?

We have an S3 repo configured with a bunch of snapshots. As the daily data volume has grown the time it takes to complete the snapshot has increased. We would like to bump up the max_snapshot_bytes_per_sec setting on the repo. However, updating the repo results in this error:

>     "type": "illegal_state_exception",
>     "reason": "trying to modify or unregister repository that is currently used "

Is there a way to update this setting without creating a new repo?

This appears to be a known limitation of Elasticsearch. See #18785

Based on the issue description, I waited for the running snapshots to finish (using GET _snapshot/_status) and then deleted the repository and added it back again with the new settings. The repo was live with new settings and all our existing snapshots were available.

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