How to update the geoip with the new?

how to update the geoip with the new?
can give a docs?
i find some iP in my geoip can't output the city.

Can you provide an example of a problematic document?

thi ip is like
can't use geoip match city. only china CN the city is bejing.

Is the problem is that the mapping is not correct for China when using the open-source version of the Geolite2 database? If that is the case, the geoip plugin also supports commercial databases from MaxMind, which may contain better mappings for your region.

yes i know .i wan't to know how to use the last new Geolite2 database in elasticsearch

Have you tried downloading it from the MaxMind website and configure the geoip plugin to use it?

no ,i don't know how do about it .so need help. how configure the geoip plugin .with MaxMind i don't know. can give a doc?

with logstash in data to es the logstash need update the plugin?

There are two geoip plugins, one for Logstash and one for ingest node. Pick the one that is appropriate. I believe you will need to manually download a new database and then configure the plugin ton use this.

ok i will use logstash to test it
now data from logstash to es.


Value type is path
There is no default value for this setting.
The path to Maxmind’s database file that Logstash should use. The default database is GeoLite2-City. GeoLite2-City, GeoLite2-Country, GeoLite2-ASN are the free databases from Maxmind that are supported. GeoIP2-City, GeoIP2-ISP, GeoIP2-Country are the commercial databases from Maxmind that are supported.

If not specified, **this will default to the GeoLite2 City database that ships with Logstash**.

i find this i won't to know where to use default Geolite2 database .
i can copy the GeoLite2-City file replacte to the default with logstash?

Have you downloaded a new database from the maxMind web site? If so, place this in a suitable path and use this path when configuring the plugin.

this have three from
GeoLite2 City
GeoLite2 Country
GeoLite2 ASN (Autonomous System Number)

all down or use city and country?

As indicated by the documentation, Logstash uses the City database by default. I have not tried using any of the others, so am not sure whether they are compatible or not.

ok i will try
thanks so much :elasticheart: :grin::grin::grin:

i update te geoip city database it know can output the city

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