How to update to new logstash-filter-mutate plugin version

Hello people,

A while ago I reported a bug in the logstash-filter-mutate plugin (specifically with the split method), details can be seen here:

Now, there is a new version of this filter that is supposed to fix my issue, and I can see the version number has changed from logstash-filter-mutate-3.1.1 (as currently installed on my logstash 5.0 alpha 5 server) to logstash-filter-mutate-3.1.2 in thew newly released version, available here:

This may be a really stupid question (apologies), but how do I apply this new version to my existing server?

logstash-plugin update logstash-filter-mutate

does nothing...

I'm very tired and need to sleep, but would like to know how to achieve what is probably a really simple task :slight_smile:

I hope you can help me...