Update all logstash 1.5 plugins

I'd like have logstash plugins updated along with logstash 1.5 installation via puppet. I could have used "exec" for that but running something like:

./plugin update
You are updating logstash-codec-collectd to a new version 2.0.0, which may not be compatible with 1.0.1. are you sure you want to proceed (Y/N)?

stops the flawless execution.
As well it's not clear if it's safe to install 2.x plugins for logstash 1.5 nor it is possible to make it update only feasible versions.
Is it possible to abandon questions and install only appropriate updates?

I'd encourage you to raise a feature request for this, which can be done here.

Thanks for the advice. Did it here: https://github.com/elastic/logstash/issues/3993

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