Installing X-Pack with --version is installing the wrong version

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If I install X-Pack on a Logstash 5.3.2 with this command:

/usr/share/logstash/bin/logstash-plugin install --version 5.3.0 x-pack

it installs version 5.3.2.

You will now say, that this is correct as I am using Logstash 5.3.2 but when using Puppet to do so you run in serious problems. What happens is:

  • I told puppet to install 5.3.0 (which is wrong)
  • Puppet checked the version of the installed x-pack, as no x-pack is installed it comes back empty
  • Puppet installes with the above command
  • X-Pack v5.3.2 is installed

Next Puppet run:

  • Puppet checks the version and gets v5.3.2 which is != v5.3.0
  • Puppet installs v5.3.0 with above command, wich again install v5.3.2

This happens in an endles loop and restarts Logstash over and over everytime Puppet runs.

My question: Why don't I get the version I want to install or at least an error message?

Thank you for your help,

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The plugin command will always install the version it needs, there is no option to pass in a specific version argument.

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Thank you for your answer.
This is the help for the command "install":

/usr/share/logstash/bin# ./logstash-plugin install -h
    bin/logstash-plugin install [OPTIONS] [PLUGIN] ...

    [PLUGIN] ...                  plugin name(s) or file

    --version VERSION             version of the plugin to install
    --[no-]verify                 verify plugin validity before installation (default: true)
    --preserve                    preserve current gem options (default: false)
    --development                 install all development dependencies of currently installed plugins (default: false)
    --local                       force local-only plugin installation. see bin/logstash-plugin package|unpack (default: false)
    -h, --help                    print help

So there is the parameter --version. And this parameter is used by the Puppet Module of Logstash. So if I specify a version there it should install exactly that version or (even better) exit with an error. But just installing a different version is not correct and I think it is a bug.


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