How to upload file in Kibana Plugin development?

I'm Developing a Kibana Plugin where there is a need to take txt or xlsx files as input from users and process them at backend.

I have generated the sample plugin using kibana plugin generator, in that I'm using euifilepicker component at front end but whenever I send a post request via httpclient in there is a 400 bad request response.

I've tried setting

but whenever I pass the files returned from the euifilepicker, and hit the url there is 400 bad request.

please help, simple example will be very helpful.

thanks and regards

Hi K_Chaitanya

Have you tried to access your server route API in a REST client (like Postman) to see what error is returned?

The url might look something like: http://localhost:5601/<random>/api/<your-plugin>/<route>

This would help in understanding what the problem might be.



this was the response when i hit it with postman

Can you go to the "Headers" tab and add kbn-xsrf in the Key and xxx for the Value and then launch the request again?

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It worked, thanks. I'm able to hit the url in post method with formdata.

if there are any notes regarding kbn-xsrf and why this error was thrown, please share.

This is only needed when developing and accesing the Kibana server api from outside the web application

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