How to use absolute field names in query_string search?


I've posted the real question on StackOverflow already.
So I'm going to simply paste the link to it:

Does anyone know how to handle such kind of cases?

Thank you.

I found one solution for this. I'veposted on StackOverflow but I'm going to paste it in here as well:

One possible solution that I found out is to change the mapping of my indices.

To my dismay, I set all the nested fields that I have by using 'object' type, instead of 'nested'. I did a test over here and if I use 'nested' (I obviously had to re-index my documents), I get the desired result without having to change my search query, which is what I was basically looking for. For further details:

But I must admit that recreating indices and re-indexing data is an approach that I'm not very fond of neither.