How to use an array as a param for feature logging (Elasticsearch learning to rank plugin)

I want to create a feature in my featureset and its param is an array. I known how to use a single value for feature logging but I don't know how to use an array. I tried something like below but it didn't help. Do you have any solutions for that?

PUT _ltr/_featureset/test
    "featureset": {
        "features": [
                "name": "matched_author",
                "params": [
                "template_language": "mustache",
                "template": {
                    "terms": "{{#toJson}}{{authors}}{{/toJson}}"
    "validation": {
        "params": {
            "authors": {
                "id": [1, 2]
        "index": "my_index"

That's not an Elasticsearch endpoint.
Are you using the aws service?

Thank warkolm for your quick response.
I'm not using AWS. I'm using my own cluster.

That is not a native Elasticsearch API endpoint, and it's not something that we produce at this point, so I am not sure it's anything we can help with sorry. You may need to contact the developers of it.

Yeah, got it. I will contact the developers of that plugin.
Thank you.

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