How to use and in logstash filter

I want to check if "domain" and "[100]" in [message] { drop { } } but it is dropping only first "domain" and not "[100]".

What am I doing wrong?

I believe that is testing is the field [domain] exists and whether the string [100] is a substring of [message]. What do you actually want to test?

I need to test two conditions before dropping the log. If message has "domain" and "[100]" then drop it else not.

Do you want to test whether it contains those two strings?

Yes if those exists in one message.

Then you need two substring matches. I think that would be

if "domain" in [message] and  "[100]" in  [message] { drop { }  }

it works only with string or numbers I tried with just 100 and it worked but did not worked with "[100]". Just for curiosity does it have any limitations for certain charterers? like ""

I am unable to explain that.

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