How to use condition in canvas markdown render

Hi all,
I want to hide a part of the content of a markdown render if there are no entries in my query result. For that i try tu use if in my markdown but i can't make it to work.

| essql 
  query={string "select \"services.status globule.funnel_status\" as status, \"services.custom_tags_suffix_service.Qualification d'usage globule\" as qualif, \"services.referent_esea\" as ref 
from reso_professionnel_v2 where id='" {urlparam param="idRESO" default={var "idPro"}} "' group by status, ref, qualif"}
| markdown 

{{#each rows}}
{if rowCount|compare \"eq\" to=0} then=""
else= {{status}}, <projets a venir>, {{qualif}}, ref: {{ref}}
| render

Thanks for your help.

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