How to use Ctx Variable to access the source fields in Kibana

Ok so what I want is alerting in Kibana so I was designing the message in Kibana that will be received in NIFI, now I want some source field data (_source) present inside json but how to access it using ctx (Context) variable.

Below is the snapshot of Alerting Message:


I want to access the "" variable in the message.
I tried the following solution but nothing went good for me:

  • {{}}
  • {{}}

If there is any another way I will be happy to know that.
Thanks in Advance.

Hi @shanky1997

thanks for your question. The Alerting you are using is not part of Kibana, but a third party plugin. We're sorry, but we cannot provide support for every third party plugin. You can leave that question here and see if another community member is able to help you out, but from our experience you usually have more luck heading out to the support channel of the respective plugin directly (in your case it looks like you're using the Elastalert plugin (as bundled via Opendistro). So hopefully reaching out to Elastalert will lead to you getting support way quicker then waiting for someone who might have used that plugin to come across your thread here.


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