How to use elastic cluster structure from master to node?

I want to design elastic cluster. This now , there are two server. ı choose one server my master server and other server is node. ı have design as below for cluster. is it correct ? or is there another method?
Install for master;

  1. Kibana
  2. Elasticsearch
  3. Logstash
  4. Beats

Install for nodes

  1. Elasticsearch
  2. Logstash
  3. Beats

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Not sure what you want to do with that.
What are you using beats for?
What are you using Logstash for?

Anyway, you should have a 3rd elasticsearch node, even small to avoid split brain issues. The 3rd node will act as a tie breaker.

I would like to share the architecture below. Master and node which applications need to install.

I use discovery settings between master and node.

I still don't understand what is your goal with this architecture.

Firstly, I want to monitor 8 servers. I need to collect metrics like cpu, disk, memory. I think we should set up the cluster structure. is it collect? Here is what tools you need to build nodes Or the setup that I draw is correct.

So you need to install metricbeat on each of the 8 servers.
Then start an elasticsearch node (or 3 if you want to form a cluster).
Start also a Kibana instance.

Ideally, one machine per elasticsearch instance and one machine for Kibana.
If you can't afford it, run Kibana on the same instance you have one of the elasticsearch nodes running (ie the master only node I mentioned earlier on).

Setup 3 Elasticsearch nodes with the default roles. Just because you can have nodes with dedicated roles does not mean you should, especially not for a small cluster. Also make sure to set minimum_master_nodes correctly.

So, one of the 8 machines is going to be a master? Master will also be elasticsearch, logstash, kibana, metricbeat, Do I need to install elasticsearch and logstash out of metricbeat on the nodes? This source says you need to build elasticsearch on each node.

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