How to use Enrich with Elasticsearch 7.5

I want to configure an index using the Enrich API.

  • User related index : A
  • JIRA related Index : B
  • New index using Enrich : C

Compares the "username" field for all documents in the "B" index with the "username" field in the "A" index.
So I want to add specific fields "F1" and "F2" of "A" index to new index "C".

According to the Enrich API document, when constructing a new index "C", it is necessary to input the all field information of the existing index "B".
Only then will the new index "C" be created to the existing index "B" field information and the "A" index "F1" and "F2" fields.

Is there a way to add an "A" index field to a "B" index without input the "B" field information with the Enrich method?

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