How to use filter in logstash for particular field with dynamic query string value?

I just able to search to my index using below query


for above search i can able to get results .. how to do another dynamic value in the url and search into particular field dynamically
example : status = 'active' or status = 'dynamic_query_string' ...

so i can able to filter my search result with another field ..

i am using jdbc input and output in logstash

So you make the query using the elasticsearch filter ? You can make %{fieldname} references in most plugin options, so something like this should work if you have a field named dynamic_status_string:

filter {
  elasticsearch {
    query => "status:%{dynamic_status_string}"

hi correct me if i am wrong

from your suggestion

yes i am using elasticsearch filter plugin ,

i am using mysql jdbc .. so my db field name is "status" and it is varchar .. i want to get all search results which status is "active" ..

how to pass the dynamic value "active" while searching using below url


should i pass like below url ?

and in logstash filter

filter {
elasticsearch {
query => "status:%{status_param}"

will this work ? or something else

If the status_param field contains the name of the status you want the filter to find then status:%{statusparam} is a good query.

Dear Magnus and Aravinthan. I have read all in above but I can not understand one thing.
In my db config I have code look like this

jdbc {
		jdbc_connection_string => "jdbc:mysql//localhost:3306/mydb"
		jdbc_user => "root"
		jdbc_password => ""
		jdbc_driver_library => "C:/servers/elasticsearch/con.mysql.jdbc_5.1.5.jar"
		jdbc_driver_class => "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
		parameters => { "like" => "Beethoven" }
		statement => "Select* from users where name = :like"

This statement is test and my goal will be very larg sql with more than 4-5 join with dynamic columns and values, Please help me ? Can I pass this parameters dynamicly. For example I am using Elasticsearch PHP Client library.

@Yur_Gasparyan, please start a new thread for your question. When you do, please clarify exactly what you mean by "pass these parameters dynamically".