How to use filter with more like query

I am working on some recommendation problem as mine college project so task is to recommend a activity based on search term given by user and I am able to recommend similar result based on query. But I want to add filter so as to recommend that result on location based also and I have used following query but I am getting some error in that like - "term": {"state": ["IL"]}
TypeError: unhashable type: 'dict'

Elastic query-

                "query": {
                    "more_like_this": {
                        "fields": ["Categories", "Title", "About"],
                        "like": query,
                        "min_term_freq": 1,
                        "min_doc_freq": 30
                    "bool": {
                        "filter": [{
                            "term": {
                                "state": "IL"


Thank you in advance

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