How to use filters to get Non-zero ERRORCODE?

Hi all,

I have a log file like below, when I see in Kibana UI.

message:[INFO ] [18:45:45.935] [REQ] |STS|T1Status 1|GWStatus 1|MsgCode 5021|Error 0|Usr 12| @version:1 @timestamp:October 13th 2016, 16:53:50.905 source:/else/user_home/ietest/HFT_IE/NSEFO_GW_Adaptor_46118/nsefo_adapter_20161005_2 input_type:log beat.hostname:localhost.localdomain type:log count:1 fields: - offset:29,167,737 host:localhost.localdomain tags:beats_input_codec_plain_applied _id:AVe_Ed4PiAbPTIgA68uz _type:log _index:logstashes-2016.10.13 _score:

In above message field, Error is ZERO. "Error 0"

Now, I want to see all the messages with Non-ZERO Error.
How to do that. Please help me in this regard.

thanks in advance.

You should just be able to search for that and it'll filter things.