How to use Function score instead of boost for the below query

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Hi all,

I found in one of the article that Boost is Deprecated in 1.0.0.RC1. See Function score instead of boost. Can someone please let me know how to use the Function score in my below query.

TITLE:"same old song and \(dance)"^100
OR (
TITLE:same~0.8 AND TITLE:old~0.8 AND TITLE:song~0.8 AND TITLE:and~0.8 AND TITLE:??dance?~0.8
OR (
TITLE:same~0.5 AND TITLE:old~0.5 AND TITLE:song~0.5 AND TITLE:and~0.5 AND TITLE:??dance?~0.5
OR TITLE:"same old song and "~3^7
COMPOSERS:perry ~2^2 OR COMPOSERS:tallarico ~2^2 OR COMPOSERS:perry, tallarico~2^2

Vani Aravinda

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