How to use literal comma on environment variable as a string

How can I use a literal comma on an environment variable and have it parsed as a string and not an array in the yml configuration file?

I want to pull some information from the environment variable on a string configuration field but when starting the APM server it quits with this error:

2020-09-22T16:28:24.59-0300 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] ERR Exiting: error initializing processors: fail to unpack the add_observer_metadata configuration: can not convert 'object' into 'string' accessing 'processors.0.add_observer_metadata.geo.location' (source:'/home/vcap/app/config/heartbeat.yml')


Sorry, but it's unclear (to me at least) what you're trying to achieve, and why the error is occurring.

First I would like to clarify: is this really apm-server, and not heartbeat? I'm asking because your config is called "heartbeat.yml".

Second, please provide:

  • the configuration file contents -- make sure to use the "preformatted text" input
  • the relevant environment variables you're settting
  • how they are related to the error you're seeing

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