How to use memcached plugin in logstash

I am recently learning elk stack and paying more attention to logstash configs. most recently decided to use memcached plugin to get data from another server and write it to elasticsearch
according to this url

I tried to run MISP for storing data in memory with python code and also tried connecting via logstash memcached to get data, but unfortunately conf do not work.
Do I need to have something as input filter for memcached plugin or not?
i will be grateful if you could help me with an example or correcting my conf code.
filter {
	memcached {
		hosts => ["x.x.x.67:11211"]
		namespace => "convert_mm"
		get => {
		"%{millimeters}" => "[inches]"
		add_tag => ["from_cache"]
		id => "memcached-get"

if ![misp_src]
			add_field=> {"[misp_src]" => "none"}	

			hosts => "x.x.x.x:9200"
			ssl=> true
			ssl_certificate_verification => false
			cacert => "x.cer"
			user => "x"
			password => "x"
			index => "test"

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