How to use the high level rest API to build an Aggregation from JSON

need help ! How to make the "set aggregation" from JSON string !
I have an application where i build a json string with aggregations in frontend (angular) then i send this json to backend (Spring boot) to perform the request

May be read How to use the ElasticSearch Java API to build an Aggregation from JSON

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is there a solution using elaticsearch high level rest api version 6.5 of elasticsearch ?

i found the solution , using JestClientFactory .

 JestClientFactory factory = new JestClientFactory();
         HttpClientConfig httpClientConfig = new HttpClientConfig
         JestClient client = factory.getObject();
         Search.Builder searchBuilder = new Search.Builder(body)

         SearchResult response = client.execute(;


		return response.getJsonString();

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