How to use transforms for Serial Differencing Aggregation

I am trying to create new index using transforms (with the Serial Differencing Aggregation)

Got below error -

"statusCode": 400,
"error": "Bad Request",
"message": "[status_exception] Unsupported aggregation type [date_histogram]",
"cause": [
"Unsupported aggregation type [date_histogram]"

Any other way of doing this ?


date_histogram is not support as aggregation in transform yet but only as part of group_by. In your config in the screenshot you specify date_histogram twice, however the definition is group_by is all you need.

More problematic regarding support is serial_diff, which is a pipeline aggregation. Pipeline aggregations do not fit with the paging logic we internally use in transform. The necessary previous bucket might be in the previous page and therefore inaccessible for the current page. In this usecase this might be solvable, but for other pipeline aggregation its not that easy. We might work on a solution for this, but I do not see this anytime soon, because of complex problems.

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