How to use URL decode on JSON Input?


I don't know well at kibana yet. : (

I have filed which has UTF-8 urlencoded string.
Is there a simple way to decode it on JSON Input from Kibana ?
I have found painless script reference but didnt find proper way.

Anyone can help ?


in filed query, it has utf-8 encoded korean characters like below


Can you provide some sample data from the field?

in field "query", it has utf-8 encoded korean characters.


it should be


Why is it encoded, rather than simply storing "서울서초구인력" in the field?

It is httpd's log which is not under my control.
the filed is for request param.
I can touch this on kibana but no right to change filebeat, elasticsearch.

Unfortunately there's not really a way to do this, but you could write a Kibana plugin that adds a custom field formatter to accomplish this.

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