How to use visualization directive with Kibana plugin

I want to run Visualize's sample code using the visualization directive described below with kibana 6.0.0-rc2.
Although no error is output to the server console or the browser console,
Visualize is not displayed and it is a completely white screen.

The code is as below.


<div ng-controller="KbnTestController" class="test_vis">
  <visualization vis='vis' vis-data='visData'></visualize>


import { uiModules } from 'ui/modules';
import uiRoutes from 'ui/routes';
import template from './template/index.html';
import { VisProvider } from 'ui/vis';
import './less/app.less';
import 'ui/courier';
import 'ui/modals';

.when('/', {

.controller('KbnTestController', function ($scope, Private) {
  const Vis = Private(VisProvider);
  const visConfig = {
    type: 'metric'
  $scope.vis = new Vis('b9e56600-a27d-11e7-94dc-eb7c16196973', visConfig);
  $scope.visData = [{ columns: [{ title: 'Count' }], rows: [[ 1024 ], [ 256 ]] }];


@import (reference) "~ui/styles/mixins.less";

.test_vis-app {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;
  flex: 1 1 100%;

.test_vis, visualize, visualization {
  display: flex;
  flex: 1 1 100%;

Please tell me how you can fix Visualize if you modify it.
Thank you.

Hey @drumn, the code you pasted looks a lot like the code for a custom application, not the code for a custom visualization. Have you tried using to generate a custom visualization plugin? (NOT a custom app plugin)

Thank you for your reply.

The code shown is based on the template created by "sao kibana-plugin" command.

If you have a set of sample code that actually displays Visualize using Visualization directive, please let me know.

Thank you.

Ah, didn’t realize the generator doesn’t support creating custom visualization types. Try checking out, it’s a great interactive custom visualization. The key is defining a uiExport for your vis type and using the right APIs to extend the custom vis type registry. might be a better doc to follow

Thank you for your early reply.
I will check the URL you taught.

Will there be plans for the generator to support the creation of custom visualization types in the future?
I strongly hope to support it!

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