How to verify that yml settings were indeed loaded

I am running ES 2.3. I am trying to specify some settings in my yaml file as


and i try to

get /_cluster/settings

i get no results back. However, if i do

PUT /_cluster/settings
  "persistent" : {
    "indices.breaker.fielddata.limit" : "40%" 

and then

get /_cluster/settings

i get

  "persistent": {
    "indices": {
      "breaker": {
        "fielddata": {
          "limit": "40%"
  "transient": {}

why did the settings not get loaded from the yml file? Especially, since everything else works, i mean i am able to connect to the cluster and do everything else.

Is there a way to check which settings from the yml file were actually loaded?

AFAIK, I haven't seen any settings from the yml show up in GET _cluster/settings, but I recommend that you manage cluster settings via the PUT _cluster/settings because you can dynamically change settings without having to restart ES service.

You can try

GET /_nodes


GET /_nodes/{nodeId}/settings

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Are we able to change node settings with `PUT _nodes{nodeId}/settings?

It does not look like it.

Here is a list of endpoints that you can view... it might not be up-to-date but you can generate your own using the .sh script also posted at the link below.

thanks! that works