How to visiualize topmost contributors to a git repo?

I am trying to visualize a pie chart with kibana of the top contributors to a git repo using PR data. I pull all the PRs of a single repo and index the json to ES. A document can look like this

      "Author" : "palash25",
      "Date" : "2012-10-04T07:52:20Z",
      "Number" : 2539410,
      "IsMerged" : false,
      "MergedBy" : "",
      "Body" : ""

This is my kibana setting and the rendered chart

It only shows equal slices belonging to authors with just one PR and excludes authors with the most number of PRs.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I thought a terms aggregation on the author field would seperate all the PR docs into a seperate bucket for each author and then a metric aggregation based on count would return the buckets with the most number of docs but it doesn't seem to happen. What is wrong here?

Am I modelling the json wrong or using the wrong aggregations?

To me that looks like the correct settings for the pie chart to display the top 15 contributors by number. Can you display the same thing in a Data table so we can see if it shows the same data?

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