How to visualize "terms lookup twitter example" in kibana

Elasticsearch reference gives a good example to combine 2 indices between tweets and users.
GET /tweets/_search
"query" : {
"terms" : {
"user" : {
"index" : "users",
"type" : "user",
"id" : "2",
"path" : "followers"
ref link:
I have similar query and want to monitor the change daily, is it possible to visualize this kind of query in kibana?


let's follow the reference you pasted:

in kibana i go to Dev Tools and execute the following two queries:

PUT /users/user/2
    "followers" : ["1", "3"]

PUT /tweets/tweet/1
    "user" : "1"

you could try adding more users and tweets ...

then go to Management/Index Patterns and add two new index patterns: users and tweets.

now go to the Discover and select tweets index pattern and enter this into your search:


you can Save this search now and use it in visualizations.

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Thank you, it is great, this shows me the light of dawn.
Further, I want to sum up each user by id and draw the increasing/decreasing trends daily in a chart.

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