How to vizualize on a map the latest position of each unique identifier


I am populating an index with documents containing a coordinate (lat,lon) and a unique identifier. I would like to refresh the Kibana Map with the latest position of each unique identifier and assign a color per identifier.

Is it possible ? How could I do that ?


Yes, should be possible using the Top Hits aggregation in combination with a Terms aggregation.

Dear Lukas,

How could I do that ? In the map there is no Terms aggregation (I am using the coordinate map) and the Top Hits aggregation shows me only numeric fields.

My identifier is a string keyword. To be more clear, this id is a string identifying a unique device sending its coordinate.

Several documents can contain this id. So I would like given a date, to show on the map for each id its latest position.

Ah, you're right. I don't think there's currently a way with Kibana to accomplish what you'd like to.

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