How to work on multi network domains?

Hello every one:
We want to extend our cluster to satisfy multi domains, ie. each node in the cluster has two ips 192.168.1.* and 192.168.2.*.

We want to use the .1 domain for the clients. And .2 domain is used for the cluster inside communication. In this case, we can use a better Switch for .2.

What we current know is to set to .2 ips.
Is there anything else we need to change?

And additionally, it will be much better if the cluster can communicate with .1 ips in case of the Switch of .2 broken down. Is this possible?

There is a lot of communications between the elastic search cluster protocol

It would be better if you just proxied the requests from your .2 domain then to move some of the nodes to that network.

Another option is just to spawn up a tribe node,

One benifit of the tribe node will be to prevent your clients from writing to ELK as it will not pass write requests.

Tribe node seems a perfect choice. I will done it some days later.
But these days i'm so busy and no one else can help me.

More than ten clients are using my cluster in different way, proxy requests is also heavy work.

So could you tell me:
if i set the discovery ips to .2 domain, listening to both .1 and .2 domains, will the communications in .1 domain decreases or not? (we already have another switch, it is easy for us to add another domain)
If it decreases, i can simply add .2 domain for a transition period.

Thanks a lot.

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