How & When to process/convert data in ELK


I am planning to use ELK
My current SQL table is like below

Time, Field ID, Filed_name, Field_Sub_ID, value, extra value, type

To view this data we have provided excel add-in.
User can provide basic filter to this addin (filter like date,time from & to. Filed_id, sub id)

Value filed contain encoded data (HEX )
14 C9 80 00 04 00 00 40 00 C4 04 61 39 E0 00 01 00 00 61 02 08 07 6C 00 00 40 00 14 00 00 00 36 C0 19 80 00 3B 62 00 00
86 00
Actual data we see in excel is like
WellID = 1 DrillState = 0 MudAvailable = 0 LastLevel = 150 PowerOnContext = xyzz
Type = Bore Operation = Semi OperatorMonitoring = sd209 .......... this is very big data more than 30 fields

Which gets converted by excel addin.
For conversion addin uses xml file, which tells which bit contain what data.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!--  Drill DataMessage (id=456) -->
<message class="Message">
    <record class="Record" id="WellID" offset="0">
      <record class="Record" id="Info" offset="0">
        <field class="int" id="WellID" size="1"/>
        <field class="bool" id="DrillState" size="1"/>
        <field class="bool" id="MudAvailable" size="1"/>
        <field class="int" id="LastLevel" size="1"/>
        <field class="int" id="PowerOnContext" size="1"/>
        <field class="int" id="Type" size="1"/>
        <field class="string" id="Operation" size="1"/>
        <field class="int" id="OperatorMonitoring" size="2"/>        

We have different XML schema files, based on type of filed.

If I am using ELK,
My quires-

  1. When we should do such configuration,
    Before inserting data (at logstach ) or while fetching or viewing the data(in elasticearch or kibana side)
  2. How this is possible, I can write own script or can I use our own CPP exe to do this operation.

Can someone please help on this.
Thanks in advance :blush:


Please format your code/logs/config using the </> button, or markdown style back ticks. It helps to make things easy to read which helps us help you :slight_smile:

Processing of data like this should happen before it goes into Elasticsearch.
If the content is XML, you can use the XML filter in Logstash.

Hello Mark,

Thanks for reply , I have made changes the you said :slight_smile:
actually XML is just to tell how to deode hex data. it just tell which bit having what value.

Can I create custom filters .

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Ok, to be clear do you want to decode that hex?

Yes Mark,
and how to decode is mentioned in xml format.

we have different type of data, so there are around 80 -90 XMLs.

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