How would I parse further the syslog5424_msg in a syslog event in logstash conf?


I have parsed the XML log format coming from a syslog source as defined in logstash config file. What shall be done further to parse the syslog message field within the XML?

Below is the config:
mode => "server"
host => ""
port => 6514
ssl_enable => true
ssl_verify => false
ssl_cert => "/opt/logstash/ssl/logstash-remote.crt"
ssl_key => "/opt/logstash/ssl/logstash-remote.key"

filter {
grok {
match => { "message" => '%{SYSLOG5424LINE}' }
mutate {
remove_field => ["message"]
remove_field => ["syslog5424_sd"]
remove_field => ["@timestamp"]
rename => { "syslog5424_ts" => "Timestamp" }
rename => { "syslog5424_host" => "Source_Host" }
rename => { "syslog5424_msgid" => "Message_ID" }
rename => { "syslog5424_app" => "Type" }
gsub => ["syslog5424_msg",'"','"']


xml {
source => "syslog5424_msg"
store_xml => false


elasticsearch {
hosts => ["x.x.x.x:9200"]
index => "index-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

and here is the json log that I am trying to parse further:
"_index": "index-2021.06.15",
"_type": "_doc",
"_id": "QGCoDnoBQqtAWexfwnd-",
"_version": 1,
"_score": null,
"_source": {
"host": "x.x.x.x",
"syslog5424_msg": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>{d5599ed8-6520-11eb-1f73-00090faa0001}xyzABCDEFGHx.x.x.x1.1.1.116Windows-480<McAfeeCommonUpdater ProductName="product Agent" ProductVersion="5.0.0" ProductFamily="TVD">123402021-06-15T07:06:13Whatever202004090AMCore4467.0syslogagent3000UpdateTaskAnythingN/A \r",
"syslog5424_pri": "29",
"syslog5424_ver": "1",
"port": 56648,
"Type": "Events",
"Source_Host": "syslog server",
"@version": "1",
"Message_ID": "EventFwd",
"@timestamp": "2021-06-15T07:52:58.582Z",
"Timestamp": "2021-06-15T07:52:58.0Z"
"fields": {
"@timestamp": [
"X_Timestamp": [
"sort": [

If store_xml is false and you are not using xpath what do you expect this to do?

Ok so store_xml has to be true and would you please help me to give XPATH syntax applied to my data below(just one line should be really helpful :slight_smile: ) say extracting IP address and it's value. Here's is the XML of syslog message if needed:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
			<OSName>Windows 10</OSName>
			<UserName>Mrs. abc</UserName>
		<McAfeeCommonUpdater ProductName="McAfee Agent" ProductVersion="5.0.0" ProductFamily="TVD">

Thank you,
Devashish Singh

There are multiple examples of using xpath in this forum. This for example.

Well I have been through a lot before but this seems almost matching my own scenario.

Thanks @Badger , I will keep it open.

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