Parsing syslog RFC 5424 format

Good morning,

I have a log source that sends syslog messages in RFC 5424 format. I have searched everywhere to figure out how to parse these syslog messages. Since logstash's syslog input is for RFC 3164 format, nothing is working properly.

I have tried multiple grok patterns and nothing seems to work. Can anyone assist?

The raw log coming in looks like this:

{"@version":"1","message":"<40>2021-01-13T11:09:29Z <ipaddress> Agent Desc: Retina\tAgent ID: retina\tAgent Ver:\tCategory: OSDETECT\\CpeString\tSource Host: <hostname>\tEvent Desc: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_10::v1809:x64\tEvent Name: CPE Name\tOS: \tEvent Severity: 0\tSource IP: <ipaddress>\tEvent Subject: <ipaddress5>\tEvent Type: 0\tUser: <hostname>$\tWorkgroup Desc: BeyondTrust\tWorkgroup ID: BeyondTrust Workgroup\tWorkgroup Location: Default Location\r\n","@timestamp":"2021-01-13T16:09:29.932Z","host":"<ipaddress>"}

Thank you

I suggest you use a dissect filter to take off the <40>2021-01-13T11:09:29Z <ipaddress> and then a kv filter to parse the rest.

Thanks Badger

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