HOWTO : Test new inserted docs against a list of 14000 words

I have to insert xml docs (time coded word, converted into a mapping for each word) into Elastic Search.
I have to check if some words of a 14.000 words list are present into the newly inserted doc.
The 14.000 words are upper case, as my words are upper or/and lower.
As it's in French we have words with accents, like "é" the uppercase is E not É.
How can/should I do that ?
Here is how part of a record looks like:


I can change my mapping to add a plain text field.

My first guess was to add a plain text with only upper case characters, and do 14.000 requests, that's ugly but it's me only idea.
thanks for your help

What exactly is your purpose with doing that? The approach you want to implement might depend on your use-case:

If you want to trigger some action if any of these words appears in a newly indexed document the Percolator might be what you want to use:

Others may know better solutions.