[HTTP check] Override Host header

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I have troubles overriding the Host header.

I want to test individually:

  • My CDN
  • My varnish
  • My backend

To do that i need to check the IP with a custom Header, if i had to script it i would use Curl:

So i tried to do something like that:

- type: http
  urls: ["http://IPCDN/myasset.json","http://IPvarnish/myasset.json","http://IPbackend/myasset.json"]
    method: GET
      accept-encoding: gzip,deflate
      host: my_superb_domain_name.com

The Host header is not used, so i get a 404 or a 403 depending of the default behavior of my cdn/varnish/backend

Am i doing something wrong ?
Thank you

(Andrew Cholakian) #2

Apologies for the delay.

Unfortunately, as you've discovered, this does not work, partially due to the fact that the Go HTTP client treats the Host header as a special field.

If you could open a feature request issue on Github for this it'd be much appreciated. I think we should do this at some point, we can make this example work with some extra magic on our end.

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