Http hearbeat Status cloned thru the list of configured URL

(Flavio Fortes) #1


I have setup http type monitor for a list of URLs:

- type: http
  # List or urls to query
  urls: ["http://es1.el:9200","http://es2.el:9200"]
  schedule: '@every 25s'
  timeout: 16s

When one and only one of those servers in the list is not available I get error message and status up=false for both servers.

  "error": {
    "message": "503 Service Unavailable",
    "type": "validate"
  "type": "http",
  "up": false,

I am sure that one server was available a the second one was not.
Any way to solve this?
Have anyone gone thru this?

Best Regards,

(Steffen Siering) #2

Heartbeat creates and schedules separate and independent ping tasks per URL given.

The http monitor checks the HTTP status code which seems to be a 50x one in your case. 50x indicates some server errors.

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