[Heartbeat] Checking multiple http response codes


We've started using heartbeat agents (6.8.2) and uptime monitoring for monitoring api endpoints.

We'd like to attribute all http reponse codes which are not 500 or 503 as being "up", going through documentation this doesn't seem possible. Either we do not set, in the monitor yml,

        status: x

and by default 4xx and 5xx are considered down, either we are only able to set one value in check.response status which will be labeled as up.

Is there a workaround or a solution for passing a list of response codes we expect to mean up or ones we want to set to down ?


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Hi Sebastien,

Functionality was recently implemented https://github.com/elastic/beats/pull/15587.
You will be able to get that in 7.7 release.


I just realized you are using 6.8, so it may not help you. Unless you upgrade.

ive been waiting for this enhancement for 9months, so another month or so till 7.7 is better than unknown timeframe.

Sorry for the time it took here @Jugsofbeer, in hindsight we probably should have prioritized this higher. At any rate, 7.6 is our next release so it'll probably be a bit longer than that. This feature just missed the cutoff for our 7.6 feature freeze/test only period unfortunately.

With all the new features and fixes in 7.6 the time will pass very quickly anyway.


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