Configuring Uptime Alerting to Send Out Email

I have set up a handful of Uptime and have enabled Status Alerting to report when the monitor itself is down but what I want to do next is to alert when the response code is not equal to 200 in the case of a server ping send out an alert to a distribution list.

I'm searching through the documentation on how to set up these type of alerts and not having much luck so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Bill Youngman

This is an interesting use case, are you saying that you want to take different alert actions based on the type of error? Heartbeat already checks response codes, and marks the monitor as down if the value is < 200 or > 299 , but it sounds like that's not the exact behavior you want, am I right?

The HTTP monitor status checks, by the way, can be configured per the http response docs.

It'd be helpful to hear more info about your situation to see if it's possible today, or would be a new feature to add.

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