Uptime alert on HA heartbeat deployments

Having Heartbeat deployed to multiple hosts, I would like to be alerted only when a monitor (e.g. ICMP probe on "example.org") fails on all of them.

For example, on the /app/uptime page, the panel on the bottom ("Monitors") shows each monitor status as "Up in x/y hosts" or "Down in a/b hosts". How can we access these values when setting up the logic for alert rules?

Hi @mojohoho - at the moment all of the functionality behind the Monitor Status rule is around logical "or". For example if I have three locations A, B, C, it is possible for me to define a rule that says "alert me if A or B is down", but not "A and B". Our thinking in this implementation is that most people will want to know if anything important they're monitoring becomes unavailable.

This is an interesting use case, but it's also the first time someone has requested it. I have created an enhancement request based around this, but I can't guarantee if or when we will make it a priority to implement it.

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